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VIZIO Smart TV is an independent review site, bringing you the reviews and “where to buy” for the most popular VIZIO Smart TVs.

VIZIO is America’s best selling brand of television and has been pioneering the manufacture of high quality stylish looking televisions since their first plasma screen in 2003.  VIZIO now concentrate on producing LCD screens, some of which are LED.

Confused about LED?  Check our quick guide to the types of LED further down this page.

From the smallest of screens at 19″ right up to the staggering 80″ you will be find a VIZIO TV that is right at home in your home.  VIZIO Smart TV aims to bring you easy to read reviews and comparison.  The reviews on this site are split into categories.  For the difference between the e-series and m-series see below.

VIZIO E Series – “Essential”

This is the entry level range of televisions but even so, the E series epitomizes style.  Never have HDTVs looked so glamorous yet been so affordable.

VIZIO M Series – “Mainstream”

The M series is the next level up – Smart TVs offer the clarity of the Razor LED screen alongside faster Smart TV apps.  All M series screens are 1080p.


If you want to experience 3D theater inside your home then look no further than a VIZIO 3D TV.  Experience movies and sports and nature programs like never before.


A lot of companies now use the term “LED” when describing their TVs.  But what does this actually mean?

First of all when you see LED you know the television is an LCD screen.  The LED refers to the way in which the LCD screen is back-lit.  That is all.

There are two main types of LED back-lighting.

1.  Edge back-lighting

The LEDs (light emitting diodes) are placed only around the edges of the screen and the light is projected towards the middle of the screen.  This allows for very thin panels but the lighting may not be as uniform as with the second type of LED, local dimming.

2.  Local dimming

With local dimming, LEDs are placed all over the entire length and width of the screen and they operate independently.  This allows for very localized lighting to happen.  For example in black parts of a picture the “local” LEDs will turn off to produce very deep blacks.  Some models can produce a little bit of light bleeding into darker areas.


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